In the Media

BlackVue Cameras Featured on TV

BlackVue Dash Cameras featured in national news story Australia.

Dash cameras are quickly becoming more of a necessity than a gadget in vehicles in Australia. Recently in Jan 2015 Channel 9's A Current Affair did a news story on how car dash cams are helping everyday drivers in Australia as well as transport companies.

3 cameras were featured in the story, one low range el-cheapo dash cam which yielded poor results. A middle of the range single channel (front only) dash camera very similar but not has advanced as the DR600GW, and the quote: 'top osf the range' BlackVue DR650GW system - offering both a front & rear camera in HD quality with GPS for ultimate video protection.

BlackVue cameras also have Built-in WiFi enabling the user to connect to a smart-phone or tablet device and removing the need for a bulky LCD screen. For more information on these cameras visit the product page today. 



Where to Buy?

The BlackVue DR650GW is available online or from your nearest Auto BlackBox Dealer.