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In the Media

Got something to shock us?

Have you captured any interesting footage with your blackbox camera?

For the next 2 weeks we're seeking any interesting footage that driver's have captured using their in car camera. 

Any unique footage provided will be used for educational purposes, public awareness programs and media stories. The video footage we're looking for should be of road incidents such as near misses, collisions, theft, road rage and more.

As a token of our appreciation, if your footage is used in one of our upcoming promotions we will be offering large discounts of up to 30% on dash cameras, $100 gift cards or even a free camera (all depending on the footage) to the participant that provided the footage.

To participate in this promotion please send your videos to - please use upload link websites such as to enable us to download the video from the provided link.

All participants should note footage sent in;

  • should not already be circulating on the internet (i.e. social media, YouTube)
  • should be your own footage / copied footage will not be used
  • can not be copyright protected
  • will be claimed as the property of Auto BlackBox if used

  • After sending your video file please contact us by replying to this email with your details including full name, contact number, camera model, and the title of the videos provided so we can track you down to pass on any rewards you may entitled to.

    For more information click here or call us on 08 6161 7092.

    We hope to hear from you!


    The Auto BlackBox Team

    ** Promotion Ends 15th March 2014 **