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Bad Drivers Caught on Camera

Auto BlackBox products feature on Channel 7's Today Tonight. 
Car cameras are growing in popularity as more and more bad drivers are being caught on camera by dash cams.
It may be the season of goodwill but, on our roads, it is anything but. A growing number of drivers use in-built cameras on their dashboards and the vision does not make for great viewing.

Rowan Fetzer is the spokesman for Auto Black Box - a dashboard camera system that captures every moment on the road, including, crucially, the ones we all hope to never see.

He says they can be an important tool when it comes to insurance claims.

"If things do happen, people are always a bit phased about what actually did occur in the event of an accident - especially if there's an injury involved,” he said.

"Cameras are an important tool in actually showing the police, showing insurance companies exactly what has occurred.”

Wayne Strachan's small truck sustained $30,000 damage in one crash in Casula, south of Sydney. The other truck was a write-off.



Source: Channel 7