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Pittasoft Co, Ltd. -  The worlds leading car camera manufacturer has appointed Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd as the Australian sole importer/distributor and portal for the BlackVue brand and appointed the role of 'BlackVue Australia'. The announcement was made in December of last year, and reiterates Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd's leading position in the dash camera industry. The news of an Australian BlackVue Distributor will create further benefits for consumers, and stockists of the popular BlackVue brand.

The announcement will help strengthen the support for BlackVue customers in Australia and will see a range of benefits for customers and suppliers of the BlackVue brand.

Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd currently holds the sole importer rights for iTronics & Pittasoft leading car dash camera manufacturer's.


  • Increased support for BlackVue products - Australia Wide
  • Reduced turn around times for Warranty Claims through BlackVue Australia
  • Increased number of physical locations where a BlackVue product can be purchased

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  •  A central point for Warranty returns
  •  Faster repair turn around times
  •  Removal of illegal importers and unauthorised sellers
  •  Control over eBay - preventing illegal eBay sellers

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