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BlackBox V300 Commercial

AVAILABILITY: Call for price
SKU: blackbox-v300-128gb
DELIVERY: 1 - 3 days (Express Method)
RATING: Rated 5 out of 5

Product Features

- Front & In-Cab Recording
- 720P + 720P + Optional Rear (3CH)
- Tamper Proof Solution
- Remote View + Data 3G
- 128GB SD Card Storage (Included)
- 2 Year Limited Warranty

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     Leading Truck Camera with HD

    The Auto BlackBox V300 is a commercial grade system, as a leading dash cam for trucks, it has been designed to meet the requirements of truck and fleet companies in Australia. As a semi-truck dash cam based product, our company has serviced many fleets with this system that outperforms many competitor models for quality and reliability. 

    Our PC Software will clearly display all of the relevant information for your viewing, including front & rear video, GPS location, G-sensor data and more. The sample video below demonstrates viewing recorded files on the PC viewer. With up to three cameras (3 channel), the V300 dvr has a bracket mounting system which will withstand a large crash due to it's quality and design, ensuring the full story is always captured.


    Network Camera - Live View
    The BlackBox V300 is a 3G & 4G network compatible dash camera, with remote live view and live streaming capabilities.
    Rather than using a SIM card slot, the camera utilises WiFi to make the connection via a USB dongle.
    Note: Fees may apply for monthly AWS services. 







    Dual SD Card Security

    The BlackBox V300 system can house 2X SD cards for increased storage time and stability. The two SD cards work by storing important Event Data with normal footage on one card. The extra footage and latest footage is stored on the secondary SD card.







    Capture the Full Story 

    Capture the full story with the BlackBox Truck V300 Commercial Camera. Dual cameras provide a picture of the outside view and interior cabin view simultaneously. Using the player you can view both feeds together to compare events and data.








    Industry Leading Design

    Tamper Proof Design that leads in the industry for security. A patended tamper-proof design, prevents unwanted tampering of the SD card as well as locking the angle of the forward and inward facing cameras. Preventing drivers from changing the lens angle to avoid detection. 






    Remote GPS Viewing Interface






    Check Vehicle Details Remotely

    With the BlackBox V300 User-Interface, company managers can check the specific vehicle details of any vehicle in the fleet via live video streaming. You can also check on the vehicles current speed, and accumulated driving time.






    Daily Data Dumping Ready 

    If you have multiple trucks on the road, the V300 can be programmed to automatically dump the data for that day, to a server where the trucks return to on a daily basis. This can reduce the need for remote data retrieval and save thousands $ in costs.




    Heat Tested to 80'C Degrees

    Australia is home to some of the hottest conditions on the planet. This is why the BlackBox V300 is heat-tested in Australian conditions to reach running temps of up to 80'C Degrees. The material is also Flame Retardent UL94-V0. 






    Optional REAR Camera Available 

    An optional rear camera can be purchased to provide a 3CH COMMERCIAL solution. The rear camera can either be mounted outside (waterproof option) or inside the vehicle point back out (interior option). Contact us for more information on the 3rd rear camera option.





    Rear Camera Optional with 22M Cable

    The BlackBox V300 can also take a 3rd rear camera for interior or exterior mounting. The exterior water proof camera is rated to IP67 and also comes with a 22 metre long cable. This can also work as a reversing camera which can run as a constant video feed or only activate once the truck goes into reverse.






      2 Channel View Mode - Fleet


    3 Channel View Mode - Bus Fleet

     2 Channel View Mode - Security Fleet


     Web Tracking Interface - Client Fleet


     Download PDF



     In The Box






    128GB (64GB+64GB)

    Up to 30 Hours


    *Please note: 64GB SD Cards must be purchased through Auto BlackBox for guaranteed compatibility.

     Quality Video & Audio     Camera: 1/4" 1.3MP CMOS (Digital HD) Sensor 
     Standard SD Memory Card       Dual SD Card Support - 64GB + 64GB SD Cards
     Event File Locking       Yes - Will not overwrite
     Loop Recording   Yes - Old data is removed to record new footage
     Wide Angle View   Front: 130' Degrees | In-Cab 150' Degrees (wide-angle)
     Video Format   KDS Secure Encrypted (can be converted to AVI using PC Player)
     2CH In 1 Design   Single camera captures the road and in-cab view
     Recording Speed   Select Options 30FPS | 15FPS | 10FPS 
     Image Resolution   HD 720px (Front) | HD 720px (Rear)
     Motion Detection   Yes - System has built-in Parking Mode (Power Magic) feature
     Data Compression   Highly Efficient H.264
     Built-in Format Function   Yes
     WiFi Modem   Optional (WiFi Dongle)
     Built-in G-Sensor   Yes
     Built-in Power Magic   Voltage Cut-off is built-in for battery protection
     GPS Receiver   Built-in Highly Sensitive SIRF III Antennae + GLONASS
     Recording Options   Normal, Parking, Event Lock (Activated by shock)
     Camera Size & Weight   Front - 121.9mm x 104.2mm x 46.1mm / 138g / GPS Cradle 42g
     Operational Temp   -20'C ~ 85'C
     Power Supply                                       8V~32V DC
     Power Consumption   12V / 505mAh ± 5%
     Factory Warranty   2 Year (Australian Genuine Warranty)
     Compliance Marks   C-TICK (N28189) KC, FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec
     Importer   Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd, Australian Importer



    Yes - each BlackBox V300 system comes with a PC Player on a CD or .exe file. The program is compatible with Windows 10/7 operating systems. Apple is not available at this stage but can still be used if you run a parallel software program.


    Yes - the BlackBox V300 is a commercial grade camera system that offers a remote access viewing system. The units come with a WiFi module included and we can help you configure the V300 system to connect to a mobile data network in your truck. You can then remotely monitor the location of the vehicle, view any footage live, or download footage to the server. Contact us for further information.

    Monthly fees may apply for use of the online AWS platform by V-Track. 

    Note: The V300 system will require data to offer remote viewing. Data needs to be provided by an Australian Telco company such as Telstra. There is no camera system on the market that will simply create data for free or become it's own transmission tower.


    The BlackBox V300 comes with a tamper-proof hard case. Allowing peace of mind that drivers will not be able to simply remove SD cards or tamper with the device without it being detected. A security screws holds the bracket in place and keys can be provided to supervisors that need to access the SD cards for random audits at any time.


    Yes - you can easily configure the V300 system to automatically connect to a server (when in WiFi range) and offload the recordings for that day. For example: when a vehicle returns to the depot or yard, if you have an active WiFi network in range, the V300 system will connect to the network and dump the data for that day into a preset folder on the server. This allows the client to have a daily back-up of all video recordings for their fleet, without having to manually change out cards or hard-drives on a regular basis.

    Service & Warranties


    The BlackBox V300 is made with ultra-high quality components and comes with a 2 YEAR Limited warranty from us. The V300 is made in South Korea to the strictest manufacturing standards, and holds a very strong reputation for reliability. This product is also tested in high heat stress conditions for Australian climate, and also is used by Panasonic in Japan as one of the their OEM cameras.




    V300 Product Brochure:

    [V300 Commercial Brochure Download]



    Please visit our downloads page for the latest software and PC Players:




    Desktop GPS Tracking via V300





  • OVERALL RATING: Rated 5 out of 5


    • 23 October 2018
      Rated 5 out of 5
      we are currently trialing one of these have been very happy with the robust quality and are looking into fitting more into our 12 trucks. cheers guys
    • 11 March 2017
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Hey team - we have implemented this product into 6 trucks in our fleet and they have all been working excellent solution and we are getting at least 1 week of full driving from the 128gb option. Thank you!
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