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Sku: BV-64
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$69.00 inc GST RRP

- 64GB, 128GB, 256GB Cards Available
- Up to 49 MByte/s Write Speed 
- High Quality Components
- High Speed MICRO Class 10 SD Card
- Genuine BlackVue Parts
- Backed by Australian Sole Distributor


    High Speed SD Cards for Dash Cams

    BlackVue MLC ENDURANCE microSD Cards - rated up to 49 MByte/s Writing Speed & Up to 69MByte/s Read Speed.

    Included with purchase:

    1x Genuine BlackVue MLC Endurance SD Card. 

    (optionally purchased) Micro SD Card to Standard SD Card Adapter (valued at $2.95) 

    These cards are specialised high quality cards for BlackVue dashcameras and are not just another Class 10 mSD card.

    Please select your desired Micro SD Card size: 64GB, 128GB or 256GB.

    Genuine BlackVue SDHC/SDXC Class 10 SD (UHS) Cards used with BlackVue HD & FULL HD in car camera systems.

    All BlackVue Cards come with a 12-month warranty guarantee.

    Note: 32GB micro SD cards are no longer available.

    why is MLC best for a dash cam?

    An article on MLC technology and its benefits. Not all SD cards are the same. 

    MLC (Multi-Level Cell) SD cards offer unparalleled performance and reliability for cameras and devices that require continuous and prolonged use. With their superior endurance and sustained performance, MLC cards are the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking optimal storage solutions. This article explores the key benefits of MLC SD cards, particularly for dash cams, where endurance and reliability are crucial.

    Key Points on Performance and Reliability of MLC SD Cards:

    Enhanced Endurance:

    MLC SD cards excel in endurance, making them particularly suitable for devices with high write cycle demands. These cards can handle a significantly higher number of write cycles per cell, resulting in an extended lifespan and improved reliability. This endurance is essential for dash cams, which constantly write and overwrite data during continuous recording sessions, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted performance.

    Consistent Performance:

    MLC SD cards deliver sustained performance, even under heavy workloads. Whether capturing high-resolution videos or recording long driving sessions, MLC cards can keep up with the demanding requirements. They provide consistent read/write speeds, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted recording, and minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption. This reliability is crucial for dash cams, where every moment on the road needs to be accurately captured.

    Unparalleled Reliability:

    MLC technology is known for its inherent reliability, making it highly suitable for critical applications like dash cams. Dash cams operate in varying environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and vibrations. MLC SD cards are designed to withstand such harsh conditions, offering enhanced protection against data loss. This reliability ensures that vital footage from accidents or incidents is securely stored, providing peace of mind to dash cam users.

    Benefits for Dash Cams:

    Apart from the general advantages of MLC SD cards, dash cams benefit greatly from their endurance and reliability. The key benefits for dash cam users include:

    Extended Lifespan:

    MLC SD cards can handle frequent and continuous recording, offering a longer lifespan compared to other types of SD cards. This means fewer card replacements and cost savings in the long run.

    Reliable Data Storage:

    Dash cams record crucial footage that may be required as evidence in accidents or other incidents. MLC SD cards provide dependable data storage, minimising the risk of footage loss or corruption.

    Consistent Performance:

    Dash cams require consistent read/write speeds to accurately capture and store footage. MLC cards ensure smooth and uninterrupted recording, even during long drives or extreme conditions.

    MLC SD cards offer unmatched performance and reliability for endurance-intensive applications, including dash cams. With their enhanced endurance, sustained performance, and unparalleled reliability, MLC cards provide professionals and enthusiasts with a robust storage solution. Dash cam users particularly benefit from the extended lifespan, reliable data storage, and consistent performance that MLC SD cards offer. Investing in MLC cards ensures optimal performance, durability, and peace of mind for capturing and preserving critical moments on the road.

    *Written by Chat GPT. 





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