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BlackVue B-130X

Sku: B-130X
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$499.00 inc GST RRP
- Higher capacity than B-124X predecessor
- Latest Model 2023 Release
- Up to 30 hrs run time / 1CH
- Up to 22 hrs run time / 2CH
- Professional Installation Recommended
- 7500mAh Samsung LiFePO4 Battery

- 2 Year Local Australian Warranty

  • Want the most of your dash cam? A dedicated battery pack ensures your dash cam remains powered and doesn’t solely rely on your cars battery for power. This has many benefits, with the largest benefit being extended Parking Mode times. 50 minutes of comprised daily driving for example will provide up to 30 hours of dash cam powering while your car is parked (B130X).

    The B130X is the latest BlackVue battery and replaces the previous very successful B124X. This battery is designed for use with dash cams and can handle the hot temperatures of being inside a car, and the good news is all dash cam brands work with the B130X.

    The BlackVue B130X uses Lithium-Iron Phosphate technology, which is a bit more sophisticated than a typical ‘lithium’ battery. Lithium-Iron Phosphate is a highly stable and durable form of battery technology, providing years of hassle free performance when powering your dash cam.

    Hidden Installation

    The BlackVue B130X battery is designed to be neatly installed into your vehicle by a professional. The product is slim and will fit in most cars glove boxes or under the car seats for an unobtrusive installation. You can also check the charge status of your battery with the BlackVue Battery App via Bluetooth.

    If you would like to conceal your BlackVue battery pack, we recommend consulting an auto-technician for professional installation.

    Fast-Charging. Long-Lasting. Connected.

    Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges when driving and powers your dashcam when ignition is off. Its sleek compact enclosure houses a large-capacity battery (12.8V / 7,500mAh / 96Wh).

    Fast-Charging: Power Magic Ultra Battery reaches a full charge in 50 minutes when hardwired (90 minutes if connected to the cigarette lighter socket).

    Long-lasting: Parking Mode can last more than 30 hours with a single-channel & 22 hours with the dual-channel version.

    Connected: check the battery’s status wirelessly with the BlackVue App.

    Simple or Hardwired Installation

    The Power Magic Ultra Battery supports two installation modes and automatically adapts its charging current accordingly.

    Simple installation Just plug the battery into the 12V auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) of your vehicle. Charging current: 5A – Charging time: approx. 90 minutes.

    Hardwired installation For the fastest charging speed, connect the battery to the fuse panel. Charging current: 9A – Charging time: approx. 50 minutes.

    12V/24V compatibility and USB

    Use in any vehicle. Charge your accessories.

    12V/24V compatibility: the Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X) supports both 12V and 24V electrical systems. This means it is compatible with most individual and commercial or heavy-duty vehicles on the market.

    5V USB (2A max): with its USB power output, you can charge any accessory, such as a phone or a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your Cloud dashcam connected while in Parking Mode.

  • Battery specifications

     Model Code     B-130-X
     Battery Capacity       96 Wh  /  7,500mAh / 12.8V
     Input Charging Power   12Volts - 17Volts ~ 6.5A MAX
     Charging Ampere Options   6.5A (Cigarette lighter plug mode) or 13.5 (Hardwired) Ampere (A). Switch select-able
     Charging Time   2hours (via Cigarette Lighter)  /  60min (via Hardwiring)
     Usage time (discharging)   BlackVue 1CH = up to 30Hs  /  BlackVue 2CH = up to 22Hrs
     Battery Type   Lithium-iron (LiFePO4) Samsung
     LED   Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
     BLUETOOTH   Built-In (Compatible with BlackVue App)
     Dimensions   152mm (W) x 206mm (L) x 33.6mm (H)
     Weight   1.53Kg
     Operating Temperature   -10 ~ 60°C (Celsius)
     Storage Temperature   Approx. 80°C (Celsius)
     Country of Origin   Korea (South)
     Warranty   24 Months in Australia

    What's included

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