Why Dash Cams

Here are some potential benefits of our blackbox devices:

  • Automatic and continuous video and audio recording in all situations
  • Clear identification of cause and consequences in a car accident
  • Provides protective measures against reckless drivers
  • Surveillance comfort for your mind when you are away from your vehicle
  • Promoting road safety and educating the public via video footage
  • Better management and efficient fleet maintenance
  • Prevention of unethical situations such as hit & run and theft
  • Supervision of speed, driving route and behaviour
  • Enjoying the advanced technology at an affordable price with an easy DIY installation

The following video footage demonstrates the use and the purpose of blackbox i.e. it is used to capture the details of the accident where you can use this data as a key evidence in an unfortunate scenario. The size and resolution of those video clips are configured for YouTube format and are taken from various blackbox users around the world in a real situation.

The message from these footages are clear – ‘Accidents do happen and Auto Blackbox devices will be there to unfold the real story’. There are other sample video recordings on our website. Please note that these video clips are disturbing and requires viewing guidance for people under 15 years of age. 

Major crash scene caught by blackbox . 

Last witness - BMW driver charged with attempted murder followed by serious offense.

Collision while police patrolling.

Collision on Freeway involving a truck, a car, police petrol and towing truck. - taken by ITB70G

Collision on Freeway involving a car fish-tailing after the hit.

A series of car accident collections being recorded on the auto blackbox.

Collision at an intersection.

Freeway collision.

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