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When buying electronic products, it is very important to consider more than just the price you're paying. Important qualities such as customer service, credibility & reputation, and back up support are important and crucial when spending money on electronics goods. Customer care begins before you even make a purchase, whether in-store, online or catalogue. We want you to have a shopping experience that meets or exceeds your expectations for BlackVue, as one of the world's most-trusted dash camera brands. 

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Shopping from a local authorised supplier has many advantages;

If you purchase from an unauthorised supplier you may not receive the benefits listed above. Please make sure your BlackVue supplier has been authorised.


Authorised Dealers for BlackVue products in Australia will now be required to display an authorised reseller badge to inform consumers that they're an approved reseller/dealer for BlackVue cameras.

An authorised BlackVue reseller is required to purchase their stock from the official importer, this means all stock is genuine from the Pittasoft factory in Korea & endorsed by the manufacturer for quality assurance & warranty support.

Customers that purchase from an authorised dealer are given full warranty & backup support by Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd (BlackVue Australian Importer) as well as offered discounted repair rates as little as $20 for units that may fail outside of the standard warranty period of 12 months.

Buyer Beware: If you don't see the approved logo, please make sure you check our website to make sure you're buying from an Authorised dealer. 


The following online companies have been authorised to sell BlackVue products and will provide genuine Australian stock:

 Life Style Store  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Ryda Online  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Hektik Automotive  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Dash Cams Australia  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Strathfield Car Radios  Sells Genuine English Product  
 DriveSound Car Entertainment  Sells Genuine English Product  
 AutoInstruct Installations  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Autofidelity  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Sparesbox  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Frankies Auto Electrics  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Elite Electronics  Sells Genuine English Product  
 MC Car Security  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Camzilla  Sells Genuine English Product  
 AV-DC Pty Ltd  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Sport GPS  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Radars Direct Australia  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Street FX  Sells Genuine English Product  
 TCG Industrial  Sells Genuine English Product  
 Euro Car Upgrades  Sells Genuine English Product  
 AV-DC Car Stereo  Sells Genuine English Product  
 LineLink Online  Sells Genuine English Product  


To find a physical shop location stockist - click here.




Product wholesalers for the BlackVue range of in-car cameras are carefully selected for their ability to wholesale Auto BlackBox products. 

While Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd is the main importer & distributor we also support a range of wholesalers that can offer high levels of service to businesses looking to resell BlackVue products.

Motor Black Box Pty Ltd                                                                             Sells Genuine English Product  



If you buy a Blackvue or iTronics from an unauthorised you will not benefit from local technical support or replacement warranty from Auto BlackBox Australia as the product has not been imported by the Australian Sole Importer. The product you purchase will not be the genuine English version which contains a printed, English manual & firmware. Your product will not hold the official importer's C-Tick and will not comply with the EMC regulatory arrangements set out by the ACMA.

BlackVue & iTronics brand in-car camera products are sold in Australia through a network of authorised dealers selected by Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd. Some of these dealers may have Internet sites on which they are authorised to sell a select mix of our products. Auto BlackBox dealers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent, sell and, in most cases, service our products. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd provides a nationwide warranty on products sold only by our authorised dealers.

Unfortunately, Auto BlackBox products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorised to do so. Goods sold by these unauthorised companies are not purchased from Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd, instead they are acquired from a host of other unauthorised sources. BlackVue or iTronics products sold by unauthorised dealers are usually imported via an unauthorised secondary 'grey' market.

Consumers have the right to know who is selling proper English versions and who isn't. This page assists consumers in making fair and judged decisions on where they choose to buy their BlackVue or iTronics cameras.

The following online companies have not been authorised by Pittasoft Co., Ltd & iTronics Co., Ltd to sell BlackVue/iTronics in Australia.

 Automotive Superstore                                 Not Authorised by Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd 
 AUS Cameras                                     Not Authorised by Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd 

Important: If you have purchased a gray-market imported product from any of the websites above, please contact us as soon as possible.

Make sure you purchase from an authorised Auto BlackBox dealer.

The following method will determine if a dealer in question is authorised to sell current Auto BlackBox products. Click on "Dealer Locator" at the bottom of this page (under Wholesale), choose the brand of Auto BlackBox product you're looking for either BlackVue or iTronics, then enter your postal code (AU) and click "Find Dealers". This will give you a list of all authorised dealers in your area you can purchase current Auto BlackBox products from. You can also see the list of authorised online re-sellers at the top of this page, units can also be purchased directly from the Auto BlackBox website. For any other questions, please call  (08) 6267 5167 in business hours to speak with a customer service representative.


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