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Description of Features

Built-in GPS Antennae

Built-in GPS records the driving speed and displays it in the PC player. It also records the driving coordinates (i.e latitude and longitude) then displays the driving routes on Google Map in the units viewing software.


Loop Recording

Loop recording means once the SD card fills up with video footage, the dash camera will begin to overwrite the oldest files on storage with new footage. This means you will always have the last few hours (depending on the sd card size) of recordings on the card. Loop recording allows you to keep the camera running with little maintenance. 


Built-in G-Sensor

A G-Sensor has a set of multi-axis (X,Y,Z) coordinates and is used in both BlackVue & iTronics cameras to detect magnitude and direction of the acceleration as a vector quantity. It is used to note the vibration from any kind of impact the car suffers, this data is recorded on the memory card.


The exterior colour of the system, the darker the colour, the more discrete when mounted on your windscreen.


Image Sensor
Each camera has it's own lens which is used to capture the light and process this into a video picture. The top models DR750 & DR650 both have our highest quality lens which is the 2.4MP SONY Exmore lens. Other cameras use the 2.0MP CMOS which is still an excellent performer.

Definition:The image sensor of the system is the lens used in conjunction with a camera body and mechanism to make images of objects on a media capable of storing an image electronically.

Format Function

The format function works by erasing all video data on the SD card by using the camera. The ITB will perform a format by pressing REC button/mic button longer than 5 seconds. The BlackVue series will format the card if the user pushes and holds the WiFi/Mic Button for 10 seconds.


Viewing Angle

The angle of view the camera lens is recording, the wider the lens, the greater the distance from either side of the recorded video. Angles over 120' degrees are classed as a wide angle lens and will sufficiently record either sides of the cabin in a medium sized vehicle.

Voice Guide

When using the camera, various voice prompts notify the user of the cameras current status. For example, when the camera powers on the camera may announce "BlackVue for your safe driving" or "Starting normal recording". The BlackVue series uses voice guide with English voice instructions for the operations status. Currently iTronics systems use beeping sounds.


Reversible Design

Reversible design means the camera can rotate in it's bracket to make getting the exact angle you want easy, rather than having to tweak and tighten various knobs. A useful feature only found in BlackVue cameras which can rotate 360' degrees in the bracket.


2 Channel (front & rear)

If a system is 2 channel, it will come with 2 cameras in the box. One camera, being the main unit which houses most of the components, will be mounted to front windscreen. The secondary camera is mounted on the back window to record any events from the rear of vehicle.


Parking Mode

If the dash cam is wired into the cars constant battery supply, it will continue to record when the car is turned off. Once the camera senses no movement for more than 5 minutes, it will go into Parking Mode. Parking Mode means the camera will only save files which are recorded by pixel movement (motion) or shock. ie. if you park in a parking lot the camera will recording people walking past and cars driving passed. If you park in front of a brick wall, no files will be saved. The Parking Mode function reduces unnecessary recording when the car is off. 

Event Mode

When impact or shock is detected by the cameras g-sensor while you are driving, the device will detect this and save the file as an event file on the SD card. This file is saved as an 'E' in the viewer program.


BlackVue Cloud

The BlackVue Cloud is an online cloud-based service that comes free with all WiFi Enabled BlackVue cameras released after June 2015. For more information, please visit the BlackVue Cloud Information Page.


LCD Screen

An LCD screen allows the user to simply view footage or change settings on the actual unit without needing a smart-phone or computer. However, we recommending purchasing systems without the LCD as they are more discrete and less obtrusive when mounted in your vehicle.


Audio Recording

For recording audio within the vehicle, this can include conversations, road noise and more importantly the sound of a crash or car tyres screeching etc.


Speed Recording (km/hr)

Cameras with built-in GPS or with the added GPS antennae (if required) can have the added option of recording the vehicles speed as well as date & time. The recorded speed in km/hr is stamped onto the footage, showing the viewer the speed they were doing in the event of an incident. A useful feature (if you're doing the right thing).


Date & Time Stamp

An accurate date & time stamp is essential to using crash cam footage in a court of law. Our cameras have built-in world time clocks to ensure the date and time displayed on the footage is correct. The time & date stamp can be found on the raw video file in the bottom left hand corner, or top left hand corner (depending on model).


Built-in WiFi

The built-in WiFi modules allows the user to connect to their smart-phone or tablet device using the smart-phone apps (supplied free with camera). After connecting, the user can view a live feed, download footage and change user settings. By having WiFi this prevents the need for an LCD or computer.


Mac Compatible

BlackVue cameras come with Mac computer compatible viewing programs. This means, out of the box, the system will run on your Mac desktop computer without the need to install any special drivers or download anu licenses.


Smartphone App

If the camera has WiFi, it will come with the ability to be used with a smartphone application. The smartphone Apps are currently compatible with iOS & Android phones, the Apps are free to download from the App store.


Operation Temp

The operation temp is the temperature limit the camera can safety operate at before shutting down due to overheating. Exceeding these temperatures will not void your warranty or damage the system, but the camera may not record during these times.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a feature related to Parking Mode. The motion detection function means the camera will record when motion is detected, only saving potentially important files when recording while the car is parked up. Essentially the car camera will work as a CCTV system when your car is parked. 

GPS Location Record

If the camera system has built-in GPS or an added GPS module, the camera will record latitude & long co-ordinates and data to pin point the vehicles location. This information is loaded when the SD card is removed from the camera and inserted into the computer. Once loaded, the user will be able to see where vehicle is travelling on a Google Maps display, proving useful for tracking driver behaviour.

Max Image Resolution

The max video resolution the camera will record at, this is currently 1080P for all of our models. This resolution is regarded as sufficient for dash cam recording, any higher and the amount of recording over time is reduced as the files get larger.

Price RRP
The recommend retail price for the sale of that model (16gb version). These models are available for sale through our website or through our dealer network.

Card Capacity
The maximum allowable mSD Card Capacity for the unit. The Card Capacity rating is only for official BlackVue/Pittasoft branded SD cards, and we as Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd only recommend using BlackVue/Pittasoft SD cards, as they are compatible with BlackVue Dash Cameras.



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