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SKU: dr650-2ch-16
DELIVERY: 1 - 3 days (Express Method)
RATING: Rated 5 out of 5

Product Features

- Full HD 1080P (front), 720P HD (rear)
- 2.4MP SONY EXMOR Sensor
- Smartphone App (iOS or Android)
- Up to 128GB SD Compatible*
- 2 Year Australian Warranty
- As SEEN On The Morning Show

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    BlackVue DR650 Review

    The BlackVue DR650GW is a premium 2 channel front & rear dash camera system.




    WiFi Capability
    The new BlackVue DR650GW-2CH is the only dash cam on the market to offer built-in WiFi combined with GPS. This is a world first in-car camera system for your car that incorporates easy wireless viewing, removing the need for an LCD screen.




    Smartphone App

    The BlackVue App is free to download for all customers and works on both iOS and Android devices. The camera can connect to your smartphone or tablet device using the App and once connected, the user can download footage, watch a live view of the camera, change user settings and more.





    Crystal Clear 1080P Recording

    A high quality 2.4MP SONY EXMOR lens offers 1080P Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second providing smooth recording and license plate recognition. The user can also choose to increase the cameras bit rate up to 8mb/s (front) 3mb/s (rear) for improved video quality. 




    Stylish Rotatable Design

    An innovative cylindrical design enables the DR650GW-2CH camera to be rotated 360' degrees to ensure optimum viewing and customization of viewing angles. The cylinder shaped design means the unit will neatly and conveniently sit behind your rear vision mirror.




    Security LED
    The DR650GW-2CH uses a security LED to notify that there is a security camera operating in the vehicle. This LED can also be disabled using the BlackVue software program or smartphone App. 





    BlackVue Viewing Software
    The BlackVue viewing software can be accessed by inserting the cameras SD card into a PC. The viewing software enables the user to check footage, change the time zone, adjust user options, playback footage in slow motion and more.




    MAC Viewing Software
    The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH is the only dash camera on the market to have viewing software for MAC computers as well. Users can view, download footage and monitor their recorded footage on MAC computers.




    New Black Themed Design
    The new BlackVue DR650 series now comes in a discrete all black design, this is too hide the camera when installed in your vehicle from preying eyes. A big improvement compared to the previous DR550GW models.




    Everything You Need
    The DR650GW-2CH comes with a compete kit including two cameras, mounting brackets, cigarette lighter plug for easy installation, manuals, cable clips and a coax cable to connect the front and rear camera. 





    Parking Mode CCTV
    BlackVue systems have the ability to run in Parking Mode, monitoring your car when you're not around. When wired in with the Power Magic Pro this mode will activate when the car is off.


    DIY Installation

    Note: Professional Installation is preferred if you would like to use the Parking Mode feature.



    PC Player Software









    *Please note: 64GB & 128GB SD Cards must be purchased through Auto BlackBox for guaranteed compatibility.

     Quality Video & Audio     Camera: 1/4" 2.4MP SONY CMOS EXMOR Sensor 
     Standard SD Memory Card       Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card* (Class 10 Pittasoft only)
     Loop Recording   System overwrites the oldest data to make room for new data once full
     Wide Angle View   Front Camera 129' Degrees | Rear 129' Degrees
     Video Format   MP4
     Reversible Design   360' Rotational body recording various direction
     Recording Speed   30fps Frames per second/ 15fps Frames per second 
     Image Resolution   Full HD 1920x1080px (Front) | Real HD 1280x720px (Rear)
     Motion Detection   Yes in Parking Mode (requires power magic pro)
     Data Compression   Highly Efficient H.264
     Built-in Format Function   Yes (Press & Hold WiFi button for 10 seconds)
     Built-in WiFi Modem   Yes (For use with free smart-phone App)
     Built-in G-Sensor   Yes
     CCTV Using PCU   Surveillance camera function using Power Control Unit
     GPS Receiver   Built-in Highly Sensitive SIRF III Antennae
     Recording Options   Normal, Parking, Event (Activated by shock)
     Camera Size & Weight   Front - 108.5mm x 36.0mm / 114grams
     Operational Temp   -20'C ~ 70'C
     Power Supply                                       12V/24V DC
     Power Consumption   12V /0.20A
     Warranty   24 Month Warranty (Australian Customers Only) *Purchased after 01/07/2017 only*
     Compliance Marks   C-TICK (N28189) KC, FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec
     Manufacturer   Pittasoft Co., Ltd (Auto BlackBox Australian Importer)


    Please visit our FAQ page for assistance.







    Please visit our downloads page for the latest BlackVue software and PC Players.




    Note:: Select Highest Quality for best viewing.

    Day (front)

    Night (front)

    Day (rear)

    Night (rear)


    Installation Video

    Professional Installation is recommended - wires should be run behind any airbags not affecting any safety features of the vehicle..



  • OVERALL RATING: Rated 5 out of 5


    • 03 April 2017
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Bought and had the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH cam and T-Power UPS hard wired into my Mercedes Benz W205 C250 around mid June 2015 by Maroochy Car Sound. Had some issues at the very start with the DTV as a result of the cable to rear camera not being shielded properly but once that was resolved its been running fine ever since. I like the fact that I can now rely on it working every time I drive anywhere and it gives me peace of mind. I would never go back to the other brands. I have tried several other brands and they did not come close.
      I like the fact that whilst the car is parked I have assurance that I am filming anyone that tries to scratch or steal anything.
    • 25 July 2016
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Well where do I start, this is the 3rd time I've ordered a Blackvue dashcam upgrading each time.. This is by far the best cam I've ever had from Blackvue. The wifi and phone app is just amazing and very easy to use, the videos are very clear and very easy to save on the app. Setting up the cam in your car is very easy, took me no time at all. I recommend this cam to anyone. If the rating could go higher then 5 I would give it a 105...
    • 08 February 2016
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Very happy with both the cameras and after sales service. I have had other dash cams but the DR650GW- 2CH is far the best one I have had, really easy to install and use and the big plus for me is the size, didnt want something that took up space and was distracting. The after sales service from autoblackbox is exceptional, Thanks guys
    • 12 January 2016
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Verified Purchase

      Excellent Quality - Simple to Use 5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 12, 2016

      We've had 5 cars with 3 different Blackvue Cameras over the past 5 years. All have worked without any kind of trouble or fault.

      The camera on my wife's car paid for itself in the first two weeks. We were able to identify for the insurance company the vehicle that put it's towbar through the front grill - thus avoiding our $1500 excess.

      I bought the DR65GW-2CH when I got my new BMW. It installs in about an hour and when used in conjunction with the backup battery, gives me peace of mind that my car is monitored non-stop, even when parked a t the airport for 2-3 days. Based on previous experience, I can keep my insurance excess higher, thus giving me a lower premium as I am likely to be able to identify whoever caused carpark damage.

      The picture quality is excellent - I purchased the optional polarised filter. These should be standard.

      The only real negative is the desktop software is a bit flakey.

      I bought mine from Auto who provided excellent service and fast delivery. Highly recommended.
    • 03 July 2015
      Rated 5 out of 5
      I had a DR600GW that failed that I got from a local approved retailer, They allowed me to upgrade unit to DR650GW,
      Cam works excellent
      Cant fault service from Autoblackbox.
    • 22 November 2014
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Great 2 channel camera. Easy to install your self. Installed power pro plus at same time, but had to remove due to the voltage selection was not great enough and drained the battery to a point where it was not able to start (My car requires a large CCA and 12.5V+ to start) So to fix this problem the power pro plus now runs of a second battery in parking mode and the cars standard power supply when the engine is running. The only down fall I have noted (not that it is a big one is the 'live' pictures can be a little slow and glitch and same with wi-fi play back. Play back on the computer is very clear, smooth and of great quality in both normal and low light conditions. Would recommend to anyone who is after a good quality in car camera. A much needed item in Victoria.
    • 02 November 2014
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Have to agree with other reviewers as the 650 is a perfect addition to my Amarok and the boys at Audio Addiction in Hobart installed it to perfection ......... can't wait to try it out and would recommend it to anyone.
    • 20 October 2014
      Rated 5 out of 5
      works exactly as shown on demo videos. recommend having it installed professionally its worth it. I have on a 4x4 DMax Isuzu with Canopy front and rear view great clarity and wide angles lets you see and record just as you see yourself while driving. Noticed the time stamp is wrong for time zone doesn't take into account daylight saving, but I am sure there is a fix for that. would recommend this product highly
    • 11 September 2014
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Very happy with the compact and discrete look of my new dr650 camera. Wifi feature makes viewing the camera very easy when not near a computer as well, will recommend to my friends!

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