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The following instructions are for WINDOWS & MAC systems.

  1. Download current firmware file from here.
  2. Insert the SD card you wish to use for the upgrade into the PC.
  3. Format the SD card completely to delete all data from the card. (Please ensure you have backed up any footage needed.) Note: If you're not sure how to perform No.3 please use the following link to perform a Google search.
  4. Copy the 'BlackVue' folder you have unzipped onto the SD card.
  5. Insert the SD card back into the BlackVue camera and turn on the camera to begin the firmware upgrade/change. (IMPORTANT: Please do not turn off the power during the firmware upgrading and you will have message when upgrading is completed.)


If you're using a 64GB PITTASOFT SD CARD, the format should be FAT32 not exFAT. To correctly format the 64GB card into FAT32, this can be achieved by the following methods:

  1. Download the FAT32 Format Program from the Auto BlackBox downloads page here.
  2. or / Format the SD Card by using the Format Function found on the BlackVue PC Player. This button is on the top-right hand side of the PC application and is the fifth(5) icon from the left.

    **Using 3rd Party SD Cards (such as Sandisk/Lexar/Samsung/Kingston/Transcend/No Name) means you may experience issues with compatibility with your BlackVue camera, it is highly recommend to only use Pittasoft SD Cards when running 64GB or 128GB cards**

    Note: If you require the latest PC Player software simply access the 'BlackVue' folder you downloaded and go into:

  • Windows: BlackVue > Software > Windows > BlackVueSetup.exe
  • Mac: BlackVue > Application > Viewer for Mac > BlackVue Viewer

  • If further assistance is required please contact the Australian BlackVue distributor.

    T: 08 6267 5167